Objects that represent Chillin Cheung

photo 4 copy

My first blog post is about our first assignment for this course. We were paired up with a partner for the assignment and the brief was to represent our partners’ personality through an object. My partner Chillin and I spent about an hour chatting and getting to know each other. From this conversation I got a little bit of a feeling for Chillin’s personality and what led him to join the course. I chose to focus on one aspect of what I understood about Chilling’s personality. I chose to focus on the fact that Chilling was in a new city and during our conversation he spoke quite a bit about how much he enjoys discovering new things and new cultures. I then began to think of how to create an object, which can represent this feeling of discovery, excitement and adventure.

photo 1 photo 3 copy

By the time we had to present, I ended up executing two ideas I had for the assignment. I had such a hard time choosing between the two that I took both with me to class. I ended up presenting the wire tunnel sculpture over the rotating moiré. I’m not entirely convinced that one was better than the other I had trouble making that decision but I will be sharing both ideas in this blog post.

I felt quite excited to work on both projects. I quite enjoyed this assignment in fact I think a problem while doing the assignment was that I had too many ideas all that I wanted to execute.

If I could make this project better I would like to have been able to spend less time being confused and lost regarding the assignment. I did spend quite sometime having a bit of a mind block. I would I have liked the ideas to have come to me earlier on so that I could have spent more time carefully executing. Perhaps I should have focused my attention on one idea, I think if I could make the project better maybe I would have focused only on the moire, perhaps it relates more to my skillset as my background is in graphic design.

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4

However I did find it easy while working on both to source materials that were necessary, I used wire, induction tape and Christmas lights for the tunnel sculpture. This type of resourcefulness is something that is a bit natural for me. As I do have quite a bit of experience with working on things by hand. While making the rotating moire it was easy to come up with a packaging idea for the two transparent sheets, which allowed the user to rotate the transparent sheet in order to create the moire.

During our class presentation I learned that I could benefit from maybe being a bit more confident about my work. Everyone in class was confused about this first brief. But I was impressed by the effort that many of the students put in their presentations, they were informative and entertaining. I think if I had to improve for the next time it would be to just be a bit more confident about my work even if I’m feeling unsure about it.


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