Speculative Design: “Is what we eat making us sick?”

We are living in a world where greed corrupts our food and healthcare industries. Were what we eat is making us sick, giving us diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, increasing rates of autism, giving our children allergies. And if so why is the healthcare industry not helping us change our diet, but instead marketing us drugs and coming up with new pills that are only solving the symptoms of these problems and not the problems themselves. All for the single-minded motif of gaining profit.

My project looks at revealing the tragic indirect link between what we eat and the medicines we take. The research that I have done shows how bad things are right now and includes data and figures which allow the audience to speculate just how bad it could be when we are forced to live in a world where our current food industry is faced by the challenge of feeding 9 billion people.

Diseases, Causes and Cures

Cancer is one of the few illnesses that I have looked into. It seems there is an overwhelming amount of information about stage 4 cancer patients using “alternative” medicine to cure cancer. This information exists and is available for those looking for it. These alternative cures include:

  • Cancer patients have cured their cancer by changing the ph level of their bodies through what they eat. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment and cannot survive in alkaline & oxygenated environments. This basically means eating alkaline foods (most fruits and veg) over acidic foods (meat + dairy)
  • The dairy we consume contains growth factors (hormones) which act as a fertilizer for cancer cells.

Edward Griffin author of World Without Cancer suggests that cancer is a deficiency disease aggravated by the lack of an essential food compound in modem mans diet. This compound is Vitamin B12.

  • Ok so if there are these other possible solutions and if meat and dairy are so problematic for cancer patients why does the healthcare industry not encourage these methods as a cure.
  1. Meat and Dairy industry are a powerful industry that makes up a great chunk of several powerful countries GDPs.
  2. Big pharma will never seriously look into modifying diets as a cure but instead will spend all their money on coming up with newer pills, because this is where they make most of their money.

Along with cancer, GMO crop have been found to be linked with seasonal allergies, and rising rates of autism. It’s the glysophate (weed killer) that’s sprayed onto GMO crops, that causes all the trouble, it kills important bacteria in our gut, which causes many immune system deficiencies. Its also been linked with autism. Autism rates are currently 1 in 69 and are said to rise by 50 percent by 2025.

The outcome for the project

My proposed outcome for the project is to present my research findings. Documents with highlighted portions encouraging the audience to make the connection between the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. This research also includes stats on how these problems are only increasing allowing people to project into what the future would be like if things keep getting worse.

Another plan for the outcome is to create film, which shares my research findings through a narrative.


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