Primary Research on Indigo Kids

I spoke to someone who told me that when he was a child he was often told he was an indigo child. He had always been a bit different and growing up was tough.

He mentioned that on a day to day basis he experienced great sensory overload, he was also had a unique type of color blindness. He didn’t only see a red sofa as maybe another color, he saw every color within the red sofa. This caused for great sensory overload.

He has always had a complex and technical mind perhaps much ahead of his age when he was younger. He always wanted to know why things were how they were and how they got that way. Was very analytical at a young age, this made it difficult for him to fit in and made him feel isolated.

He also had trouble with communication, trouble with emotions not knowing what emotions are relevant to what situations. Emotional responses were thought through.
Although he may have often seemed blank on the outside but had many conflicting feelings on the inside.

As a child he had a lot of feelings of being isolated and trouble with fitting in with other kids.


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