Prototype 1

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 3.22.45 pm

This is a robot machine which can communicate with crystal children. Among other traits crystal children are telepathic at an early age and don’t learn to talk until they are much older (usually around 3 1/2) This machine responds only to crystal children, it knows when they are around and automatically turns on (gets activated with a small shake of it head when in the presence of a crystal child) The fictional part of this object: The machine uses a sensor which can pick up on heart rate and can respond to the childs emotional state, the child can talk to the machine with its telepathy and the machine responds with an output of graphics on it screen. I want to use a heart rate sensor, because in the conventional hard science the brain is the key command organ which sends info to the rest of the body… In the spirit sciences the heart plays a much bigger role than just pumping blood. The heart sends messages to the brain. There is also a video attached to my email which is, an example of the sort of response I could create from the machine… This piece of generative art in processing is a modified version of something Min and I were experimenting with for the V&A project. The graphic on the screen changes direction in accordance to the movement of the mouse, it could in this project change direction depending on heart rate.


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