Social Obj Prototype

In this prototype I’ve now gotten rid of the screen, and am only using movement for communication. This friendly robot can understand crystal children through telepathy and can respond to only crystal children, the robot only comes to life in the presence on a crystal child. I was kind of inspired by the Kenya Hara’s Haptic Remote control which would go to sleep and wake up only when needed. Similarly this robot only wakes up when in presence of a crystal child.

The robot can respond to crystal children’s telepathy only through movement so my plan is to have to robot create gestures which are the robots way to communicate, this stems from my reading in crystal children developing their own sign language before they can talk.

This is what I presented at the IBM crit and got a lot feedback to think about:

1: The gestures that I have made up are around concepts that I have prescribed that kids should have, such as sadness perhaps children at the age of 3 haven’t developed sadness their feelings are maybe even more basic like hunger & thirst

2. Everyone thought the robot was a translator for the telepathic kids

3. True telepathy happens in the mind, its mind to mind communication there would be no gestures if something was truly telepathic

4. Maybe focus on the relationship between tech and magic

5. Maybe drop the telepathy thing its not solvable and difficult to workout


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