Crystal Children: Some Context


Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 12.03.07 pm


This text is from, Virtue, Doreen, (2012) The Crystal Children, p 38 -56

These excerpts discuss an actual problem that I could work with for my tribe. Crystal children have trouble are late talkers.

This causes parents such as Penny in the above text concern and embarrassment, she feels like something is wrong with her kids

Some parents think that maybe their child has trouble with hearing or perhaps trouble with cognition and understanding

Crystal Children particularly when they are older feel isolated and different from others they are lonely

Their abilities can be developed or squelched


Social thing the Output – Robot Friend of Crystal Children

My thoughts at this point are to create a robot a friend of crystal children. This device can only be used by crystals it senses their presence and only turns on in the presence of a Crystal Child. Crystal children can give the robot commands through mind to mind communication no visible action takes place the robot only mysteriously carries out these crystal childs commands.  And can have mind to mind conversations with the crystal child which we can only see as an output of a machine performing a function. This is because its important for this fictional object to be for the crystal children and not as a tool for translating the crystal child. The robot will also display emotional responses to the child it can feel what the crystal child is feeling and in doing so the child and robot build a bond.

These functions of the Robot will allow parents to see that their children are special, can understand and communicate (since they give tasks to the robot).

And also the robot helps the kids feel supported in their special needs, further develop their skills and is a friend to them in a world where maybe not many would be able to understand why they are the way they are.



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